Sirius LED decor lighting saves the Christmas mood

After two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, the energy crisis is a new threat to Christmas. Luckily, private home owners don’t have to compromise on the Christmas spirit yet again.

Sirius LED-light chains only cost 1 euro to keep on 8 hours a day for a month.




An energy crisis has replaced the pandemic as the prices on electricity have raised drastically. Therefore, decorative lighting might not be on the top your list this year. Several municipalities have already reported that they won’t be decorating the streets with Christmas lights. The famous Hotel D’Angleterre and great Danish mall Salling in Århus, both known for their extravagant Christmas décor, are also choosing to cancel this years decorations in great disappointment to many. 

However, there are good news for the rest of us. As a regular home owner, we don’t need to fear the dark times ahead – with decorative LED-lights we can maintain the Christmas atmosphere for a very small amount.

Minimal costs with LED
Sirius LED-light gives you the chance to decorate this Christmas without exceeding the electricity consumption. If you hang up a light chain of 100 LED’s, you can have it on for 8 hours every day for a month for just around 1 euro – that’s it. With the timer function on Sirius Remote Control, you get the full control over the amount of energy you spend on your Christmas lights. If you want to decorate a greater area, then 1000 LEDs from Sirius Top- or Tech-Line collections costs 10 euros to keep on for 8 hours a day for a month.

The same goes for Sirius Christmas light decorations for indoor use. A new great investment both for the wallet and your indoor climate is rechargeable candles. Instead of spending money on polluting candles, that are gone in no time, you can have up to 200 hours of light after just two hours of recharging. So there is no reason to compromise on the Christmas mood this year.

“Minimize electricity but maximize the Christmas mood - we all deserve that” - Stig Gerlach, CEO Sirius.



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