Save on electricity with rechargeable ambience

Despite fear of increasing electricity prices, you don’t have to compromise on cozy times. Sirius Rechargeable LED-candles gives you the chance to create shining moments night safter night. A wise investment that serves both wallet and indoor climate.




Sille & Smilla Rechargeable - Green ambience all year 

Sille Rechargeable LED-vax candle is an elegant touch to your home with its minimalistic and modern design. The 3D flame has a pulsating warm light fading in intensity in an a authentic way. With burn time of up to 200 hours, one must rarely worry about charging. The candles are charged after just 2-5 hours on the charging platform, Decopower Multicharger. 

Prices ranges between 11-30 €. See the full collection here

Smilla Rechargeable is made in a similar design, with real vax and a static flame with a pulsating light. The difference is in the vax, as Smilla has grooved surface which gives the candle a feminine touch. 

Prices ranges between 15-30 €. See the full collection here. 

The timer gives you full control 

Operate up to 95% of Sirius products with Sirius Remote Control and keep track of your electricity consumption by setting the timer at 2,4,6 or 8 hours. Both Sille & Smilla Rechargeable can be operated with Sirius Remote Control. The timert gives you full control over the energy consumption,

Make the green choice 

Decopower Multicharger comes with 3 or 7 stations. Place the Sirius Rechargeable candles on the platform for 2-5 hours until the little light turns green. Charges with a USB. Since the Sille & Smilla can burn up to 200 hours, you will rarely need to charge the candles. This way, the energy consumption is kept at a minimum. 



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Save on electricity with rechargeable ambience


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