Pop the Prosecco

Let's celebrate everyday life and all the small and big victories in life. Shine a light on the details with the beautiful LED light signs from Candy Shock.

pop the prosecco.

Pop the Prosecco!

A simple phrase that shows your attitude and focus. Fill your home with positive vibes, light and joy.

Candy Shock light signs are with energy-saving LED light sources that do not emit heat.

The light signs help to personalise the décor of your home and are available in many different designs.

Pop the Prosecco, Please be naked and All you need is love are some of the best-selling Candy Shock signs this autumn.

Contact us to find out more about Candy Shock.

13.03.2023By Invite Only ApS


Shark Attack - Baby Bites är tillbaka

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Is it morning yet?

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Say Cheese!

09.11.2022By Invite Only ApS


Pop the Prosecco

06.11.2022By Invite Only ApS


Junior Design Awards 2022 Gold Winner

24.10.2022By Invite Only ApS




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