NOAH Recycled collection 2021

Expanding the indoor collection

In the last couple of years, TRIMM Copenhagen has made it their mission to bring the unique atmosphere and user-friendliness of the outdoor collection inside people’s homes. 

This has been done by introducing many of the classic outdoor models in new fabrics such as organic teddy cotton and wool, as well as adding new pieces to the luxurious and exclusive leather collection. 

This fall, a whole new and sustainable line of furniture- and cushions will be added to the product portfolio of high-quality indoor pieces. Made the fabric Crevin NOAH, a zero-waste and 100% recycled textile, combined with the same durable and comfortable filling as always, this will be the most environmentally responsible and sustainable product line in TRIMM Copenhagen history.

Comfort and style

The Recycled NOAH Collection has a relaxed, down-to-earth look and feel, with a modern twist. The colors are rich, natural basics, that will stand the test of time and ever-changing trends. It is complemented by cushions in warm tones like terracotta and sage, that will lead the thoughts to a calm and dreamy place. 

The Recycled NOAH Collection is designed to give people a safe space and to bestow hope and optimism for the future.


• Removable cover

• Breathable comfort

• Produced in the EU

• Lightfastness: 5-6

• Made in the EU


• Oekotex certified 

• Biocide and PFCs free

• Zero-waste production

• 100% PES Recycled Fibre

30.03.2022Trimm Copenhagen



15.12.2021Trimm Copenhagen


Cocoon Stand & Hammock Stand

02.11.2021Trimm Copenhagen


NOAH Recycled collection 2021

25.03.2021Trimm Copenhagen


Lounge furniture for the rooftop terrace

22.03.2021Trimm Copenhagen


Decorate the workplace with delicious lounge furniture

22.03.2021Trimm Copenhagen


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