Natural Scandinavian lifestyle products that last

For timeless homewares that are not only beautiful, but also carefully developed from natural materials with sustainability in mind, you may look no further than Dixie.




For almost 30 years, Swedish brand Dixie has established a clear position in the interior design industry through its focus on functional and timeless products such as rugs, baskets and placemats for private and public spaces. The range is based on the Scandinavian design tradition with soft, natural colours, thoughtful functionality, and authentic materials and textures.

Dixie began as an interior design boutique in Göteborg, before eventually growing into a successful wholesale business. In 2019, Dixie’s founder Maria Mellander handed over the business to Victoria Tärneberg, who brings 20 years of experience in the company, as well as her training from the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, to the post. Today, Tärneberg runs the core business together with sales manager Carina Bergqvist, with a focus on client relationships, supplier relationships and sustainability.

“The secret to Dixie’s success has a lot to do with scaling down, instead of scaling up,” explains the new owner and CEO. “Our offer has become more streamlined with time. We choose materials carefully, and we have put emphasis on being transparent with our suppliers and our customers. Ultimately, it’s about simplifying things for customers, streamlining the core business and having fun! This in turn leads to more business.”

Sustainable and natural materials
Over the years, the range of products has grown into what it is today: a core line-up of natural and functional products that exude Scandinavian design. “Sustainability is perhaps a given nowadays, but it has actually always been key at Dixie,” says Tärneberg. “We’re inspired by the natural, the sustainable and the timeless. Our products should be both practical in everyday life, as well as inspiring and beautiful, to create a caring and harmonious feeling in your home.”

Dixie products are made of natural materials such as jute, sisal, seagrass and water hyacinth – durable, functional and beautiful natural materials with high availability, where production takes place in Asia. The brand has strong, long-term relations with its suppliers in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and ensures good working conditions in the factories. The long-term sustainability work is based on Agenda 2030, with respect for the natural craft and protecting both the people and the environment.

“The idea is to use natural materials that are available in abundance in Asia, combined with our Scandinavian design and function, to create long-lasting products,” Tärneberg explains. “The circular thinking applies to the whole production cycle, from design to raw materials, production to transportation, and to the end consumer and what happens after.”

It takes time to create a true classic
The products are not seasonal, or trendy for fast consumption. Quite the opposite; they are made to last or to be reused for another purpose over time. In fact, some of Dixie’s products have been part of the range for more than 20 years. The brand’s collection of these long-term hits is called ‘Dixie Classics’, proof of the brand’s goal of simplicity and sustainability in harmony.

One of Dixie’s all-time bestsellers is ‘Julia’, a beautiful hand-woven doormat in jute. Another popular classic is ‘Lily’, a round, hand-braided laundry basket made of water hyacinth. New products are introduced twice per year. However, the majority of the range remains the same, with only small alterations. As usual, this year’s autumn collection has a timeless and durable design, using sustainable materials – made for customers today and for the next generation.

Almost half of Dixie’s range of products is exported. Last year, the brand launched a new website and B2B web shop for further reach and visibility. Dixie products are available at selected retailers such as interior and furniture shops, as well as online.

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