Lamps in bloom

The Daisy Lamp™ is the latest addition to Goodnight Light’s bouquet of lamp designs. Combine lighting and flowers with this versatile hand-made lamp.

Daisy Lamp from Goodnight Light.

The Daisy Lamp™ is a 3in1 lamp. It serves as a light, a flower arrangement and a sculpture. A multifunctional and aesthetic addition to your decor.

Let The Daisy Lamp™ shine indoors and outdoors. Like the daisies that grace it, this lamp is designed to be durable.

The Daisy Lamp™ has an integrated battery and comes with a charging dock, so it is easy to move around as you please. You can use it as a table decoration or mood lighting exactly where you want it without having to worry about cables and power outlets. With up to 8 hours battery life, it can add to the good vibes all evening.

The Daisy Lamp™ comes in four colours: almond, melon, lilac and ivory. The integrated LED has seven colour settings, including white, so the light can match your other decorations.

The Daisy Lamp™ was designed – hand drawn and hand sculpted – by Marke Newton this year in 2022. Each lamp is hand-made in Spain.

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