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Get ready to move indoors this autumn. Update your decor and games collection at the same time with lucite tabletop games from Sunnylife.

The days are getting shorter and colder. This means more hours spent indoors in good company. Now is the perfect time to introduce tabletop games as part of your decor.

With lucite games from Sunnylife, you get classic games elegantly designed to look great in your home.

Place your acryclic backgammon set or tic-tac-toe game on your coffee table as a decoration as well as an invitation to spend time together. If you already have one or more coffee table books, the games can either complement the books or allow them to rest back home on the bookshelf. You can also display your jumbling tower in your bookcase or your four-in-a-row game in your windowsill, where it can really catch the light.

Sunnylife makes a range of different lucite games, meaning there are games for different tastes. Play ludo, poker, backgammon, chess, jumbling tower, tic-tac-toe, four-in-a-row or checkers, for example.

Whether you win or lose, you can find joy in the elegant design of the Sunnylife lucite games.

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