The connected Air purifier for your home

Sensibo Pure is everything you want in a air purifier - connected, smart and looks good in a room.

As we just recovered from the cold and the grey weather, typically associated with the nordic winters it's now the time to prepare for the battle against various types of pollen. Add to this, the harmful substances in the air tend to increase when it gets warmer.

But there is a solution - in comes (literary) the Sensibo Pure. Air purifiers are indeed nothing new, but tradition has dictated that they are rather large and not always that esthetic, and most of the time you need to change the effect manually. Sensibo Pure is a connected air purifier that automatically adapts to the air quality.

Additionally, Sensibo Pure together with Sensibo Sky or Sensibo Air can be assisted by any air conditioner to circulate the airflow up to 70% more, unmatched by anything else.

With Geofencing and other relevant parameters, you can activate Pure Boost, which runs at full speed, when no one is home. And just in time for you to return home the air is fresh and pollen-free air.

Of course, there is an active PM 2.5 sensor that detects microparticles in the air and adapts accordingly. In addition to particles, it also cleans malodorous and harmful air through the carbon filter. Everything is included in one and the same replaceable 3-stage filters.

About microparticles

Particles that are barely seen by the naked eye or even less so are measured in micrometres or μm for short. One micrometre is equivalent to 0.000 001 meters.

In the context of air purifiers, PM2.5 and PM10 (particulate matter) is the most used term. This is referred to particles that are smaller than 10 μm and 2.5 μm respectively within a certain volume of air.

Particles that are 10 μm or less can penetrate the lungs while those that are 2.5 μm risk getting even further into the respiratory system.

To prevent this, HEPA filters are used. The filters capture particles as small as 0.1 μm. However, the efficiency is measured by particles that are 0.3 μm as they are the ones that are most difficult to capture. The HEPA filter in Sensibo Pure is known as a HEPA 13 filter. It will erode 99.97% of all particles around 0.3 μm.

Size example

Human hair: 60-120 μm
Mould 1-10 μm
Dust mites 5–20 μm
Living cells: 10 μm
Cobweb 3-8 μm
Bacteria 1-10 μm
Pollen 1 μm
Cat allergens: 0.1-1 μm
Smog: 0.01-1 μm
Tobacco smoke: 0.01-1 μm
Virus: 0.015 μm-0.4 μm

(Virus, however, needs to hang on to something else to spread and the term that is used in those scenarios are aerosol in the case of drops that are 1 to 5 μm or droplet infection if they are 5 μm or larger)


Sensibo Pure is a small and good looking connected air purifier that fits most areas of the home. The HEPA 13 filter has an efficiency of 99.97% which is just as good or better compared to other air purifiers. It senses the air around it and adapts accordingly and can interact with the air conditioning in the home to increase efficiency by as much as 70%.

Technical details

  • Interchangeable three-filter solution. Coal, Hepa 13 and a pre-filter.
  • Sensor: PM 2.5 (It detects particles that are both larger and smaller than 2.5 μm)
  • Filters particles down to 0.1 μm.
  • Removes odours and dangerous fumes including volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Efficiency: 99.97% (HEPA 13)
  • Recommended room size: 16-27 m2
  • Clean Air Rate: 130 m3 / h
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth: BLE
  • Power: 23 W
  • Size: 388 x 195 x 195 mm
  • Integration: Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts
  • Apps: iOS, Android and Web
  • Language support: 12 (Including Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and more)

Price and availability

Sensibo Pure is available now and costs around 1 999 SEK / 1 499 DKK / 1 999 NOK / €199.99. Read more.

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The connected Air purifier for your home

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Sensibo Air Smarter than ever. Senses you better.


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