Compliments - Spring | Summer 2021

Things are not as we are used to but at Compliments we are as usual ready with a new beautiful spring collection.

In these special times we must find the small joys in a home where we can unplug, relax and focus on our daily life. 

Compliments SS2021 has a lot of pastel colours such as soft fabrics in lavender and faded yellow with an organic touch, lovely checkered and striped patterns perfect for the summer. 

In Compliments we are known for our expressive jacquard cushions to be mixed and matched with our other textiles and SS2021 is no exception. 

The SS2021 collection consists among other  lovely products of the expressive Gingham Cushion weaved in the iconic checks of the same name, the stylish Bornholm cushions which invites the Scandinavian Summer into your living room, and the checkered Paul bringing associations to the Scandinavian design classics. 

The popular Big Flower cushion gets a new rose coloured family member and will be complemented by the brand new Marcala Cushion, which accompanied with the organic shapes from the Mountain and Vulcano lines, invites Mother Nature in. 

As the big reveal of this season Compliments is launching Slow bathrobe in a heavy quality of 100% cotton, perfect to keep you warm after a dip in the cold sea or just for indoor wellness.

Enjoy the early spring on your terrasse wrapped in our lovely  and exclusive pastel coloured cotton throws, which gives you comfort and warms your body. 

Compliments Curtain family is extended with beautiful earthy colours. The muted colours bring peace and balance into your home and are a perfect match to the rest of the collection. 

In close co-operation with our suppliers and partners we constantly focus on optimizing materials and procedures for a more sustainable future. Producing mainly in Europe means a high level of flexibility, high quality standards throughout the entire process and limited transportation of our goods. 

Take a look at the full SS2021 collection here.

17.08.2021Gartex Compliments A/S


Compliments - Autumn | Winter 2021

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Stone in new trendy spring color

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Compliments - Spring | Summer 2021


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