New AW22 catalogue from Cozy living

The new AW22 collection from Cozy living introduces a range of new and exciting designs with natural materials, contrast and tactility in focus.

Cozy living AW22 .

The new Cozy living AW22 collection seeks to provide a space where we can pause and reflect, either through the designs themselves or in our choice of materials.

An example is the new Doria lounge chair which offer a moment of complete quietness where you can just lean your head back and shut out the world. Or the popular Lulu lamp in chrome that draws you in with its highly reflective, almost mirror-like, surface.

Cozy living's love of natural materials and unique textures is, as always, an important driving force in the design of new products. This can be seen in new beautiful marble tables, lounge chairs, cushions and candle holders.

Inspired by this autumn's international fashion trends, with key themes such as classic black in new interpretations, metallic effects, patchwork patterns and color blocking, Cozy living introduces a number of new designs that make your home completely unique. This includes a new range of patchwork and striped, soft velvet cushions, new table lamps with gun metal or metallic glaze, an elegant and timeless dining chair and new Cozy living hooks in leather.

See the entire collection and all the exciting news here.

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